Google is also censoring our blog homepage with criticism of Google

In the previous post we explained how Google eliminated millions of results from the domain, when Audiovisual Sport only specified the address as the address to be censored. We also explained how the page was eliminated a few days ago from Google’s search engine results, even though this was not what MLB had requested, since they had only made reference to the Adsense advertising program and not the search engine. However, we have now confirmed that Google, based upon that last request, has also filtered the pages and, although MLB only made reference to (note that Google requires a one-by-one indication of the search results to be eliminated).

At the time of this post’s writing, this blog has only two entries, and oddly enough, these reveal the errors made by Google and MLB. Therefore, Google is censoring the two links from Rojadirecta to our criticism of Google found on the web page and the blog homepage. It is worth pointing out that the blog does not contain links to broadcasts of sporting events of any kind, and what is worse, MLB did not even complain about (as we mentioned in the previous paragraph).

We believe that this is only a coincidence, but it would be nice to have a quick solution and to know the explanations for everything that has happened to lead to the filtering of so many results from Rojadirecta, from two different domains and based on two different complaints, since none of the documents published by Chilling Effects demand the filtering of everything being censored, and also keeping in mind that one of these complaints does not even demand that anything be eliminated from the search engine. According to what is being told to us by TorrentFreak (a site dedicated to news related to the world of P2P and copyrights), they asked Google for an explanation 6 days ago, but they have not received any response.

“Today on Internet TV”
Proof that Google does not show the page due to a complaint that does not request this. “Welcome to Rojadirecta”
Proof that is being specifically filtered (other addresses with lower SEO values do appear, such as

-inurl:tag -inurl:category -inurl:2011
Proof that is being specifically filtered (-inurl eliminates results that are not from the page).

Update (Nov 20th. 2012):
We are currently trying to index at Google. Despite that web address has never infringed nor linked to any infringed copyrighted content, unfortunately we expect Google to filter also that result.


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